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Re-Blood Logo

Developer: Re-Blood Team

Publisher: Google Drive

Designer: MaxiClouds, SAmik37

Engine: GZDoom

Version: v0.3

Released: May 22, 2019

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Macintosh


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"Re-Blood" on YouTube

"Re-Blood is a expanded version of original Blood. After much thought and the project developing for a long time, I decided to release it. But i don’t have much time to develop this project, but I make it my soul. I tried to recreate the gameplay as close as possible to the original, including features from the original, such as akimbo, delirium, step damage, burn system. I also paid great attention to the atmosphere and details. In fact, the gameplay, weapons and enemies are ready, but there are very few maps. Also i planned to expand the game much, including new weapons, enemies, maps, new areas, new secrets, more easter egg's." — MaxiClouds

Re-Blood (formerly Brutal Blood: One Unit Whole Blood Rebirth or just Blood Rebirth) is a project building from ZBlood to create an expanded experience from the original Blood transplanted onto the GZDoom engine. This involves remade maps, levels, enemies and more, as well as liberal usage of assets from Blood II. A v0.1 release was put out on May 22, 2019.



  • MAP01(E1M1)
  • MAP07(E1M7)
  • MAP10(E2M2)
  • MAP26(E4M1)
  • MAP27(E4M2)
  • MAP29(E4M4)
  • MAP30(E4M5)
  • MAP31(E4M6)
  • MAP32(E4M7)


  • MAP02(E1M2)
  • MAP03(E1M3)
  • MAP21(E3M4)
  • MAP23(E3M6)
  • MAP24(E3M7)
  • MAP28(E4M3)
  • TBD


"Blood Rebirth that a expanded version of original Blood. Which includes remakes of original maps, new weapons, new enemies, more blood and lots of other new futures! But project still in super early stages of development. So, don't be so excited about that project and keep in mind that only two of us, me and my friend working on that project. And we have own problems like study and other stuff. Please be patience, we try to do our best. We plan to make a separate game on GZDoom engine, so you don't need "doom2.wad" or other kind of IWAD's to launch it. You just can use Blood Rebirth as IWAD. Also we want to make NEW maps based on original maps. We want to expand them, add new areas, new secrets, more enemies. What you already can see on screenshots and video below. Also we think about to make own maps, that not included in original game. But this is still in question. About weapons, we are going add to all weapons reload system so they can fells a more realistic. Add new weapons, like revolver what you also can see on the screenshots and video below. New enemies, but i will not tell what enemies. Let's leave it a secret, for now. We also want to remove that "Episodes system", and make full game from start to the end. But there is still choose when you start a game, which episode to play like in original. But you can just start from first episode and play through all campaign without the need to choose another episode." — SAmik37

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