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Mother Spider/Shial

Game Apperances: Blood
Affiliation: Cabal

Difficulty Stats:
Red Spiders
Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 3
Pink on the Inside 6
Lightly Broiled 9
Well Done 14
Extra Crispy 18

Green Spiders

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking 16
Pink on the Inside 19
Lightly Broiled 26
Well Done 30
Extra Crispy 38

Mother Spiders

Difficulty Level Hit Points
Still Kicking ~450
Pink on the Inside ~800
Lightly Broiled ~1000
Well Done ~1400
Extra Crispy ~1600

"Even the stoutest arachnophiles have the sense to flee from certain species. Whether small or large, swift or lazy, clever or dim-witted, these pests all pack powerful poisons. If you're not careful, you may find yourself stumbling around blindly or slowed down by the venom coursing through your veins."Blood Beastiary

"Don't be fooled-spiders are dangerous enemies. The little red ones pack a poison that will blur your vision. The larger green ones can blind you completely for a short time. The poison is cumulative, so the more they bite, the worse the side effects. "Blood Manual

The spiders are arachnid enemies that appear only in Blood. They can be considered nuisance enemies and attack in swarms. They are difficult to defeat due to their numbers, disorienting poison, and lowness to the ground.

Red Spiders[edit]

Red spiders appear in cracks in the wall and in ceilings. The attack by biting which has a chance of infecting the player with delirium-causing poison. This is represented by twisting, tilting, and contorting the screen, making movement and aiming difficult. The effect is temporary, but multiple bites have cumulative effect. While not threatening on their own, they can cause great risk if attacking and intoxicating the player while facing larger enemies.

Green Spiders[edit]

Green spiders are larger and tougher. They behave the same way, but their poison causes dimness of vision. Like red spider poison, the effect is temporary, but multiple spider bites could cause a player to go totally blind.

Mother Spiders[edit]

Mother spiders (or "Shials") are very large gray spiders which are not capable of attacks on their own. Instead, they repeatedly spawn red and green spiders which attack the player. Most weapons are capable of defeating a mother spider, but the Tesla Cannon has the added effect of stunning the enemy, Tommy guns can take out the spawning spiders, and explosives can launch the mother spider into orbit.

It should be noted that while Mother Spiders are counted in the total number of monsters for the level, their offspring is not. This means players can artificially inflate their total kill count for the level by letting spiders spawn. This means a player can kill more enemies than the level total.

Note: Getting an accurate HP count is difficult because of the constant spawning of spiders.


Main Article: Shial

Shial is the mother of all spiders, faithful servant to Tchernobog. She is responsible for the kidnapping of Gabriel and makes her lair in the bowels of the earth in the arctic circle.

Fate of the Spiders[edit]

Spiders are not present in Blood II: The Chosen, indicating that something happened to them between 1928 and 2028. Possible theories include that they may have been driven to extinction due to Caleb's intervention or by the Cabal themselves, or that whatever connection they may have had with the Cabal having been broken and caused them to go into hiding. Though the likelihood of exterminating every spider on Earth is rather slim.