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"The Mac-10 has a much higher firing rate than the pistol since it can go full auto, but is very inaccurate. It can be fired dual-handed. The alt fire in single-handed mode allows the player to fire short, three-round bursts with increased accuracy by using the arm stock. There is no dual-handed alt fire."--Blood II: The Chosen Manual

The MAC-10 Sub Machine Gun (also wrongly known as the Uzi) is a weapon in Blood II: The Chosen. It has a high firing rate for the cost of accuracy. Its greatest disadvantage is that it consumes ammo at an extremely high rate. Cultists and Fanatics are often seen carrying this weapon.


AMMO TYPE: Bullets
REGULAR FIRE: Fires bullets at a high rate
ALTERNATE FIRE: Unlocks the arm stock to fire bullets at a slower rate, but with more accuracy.