TEDE1M5: Fire Wings Airport

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"Blood: French Meat (BloodGDX) - E1M5 Fire Wings Airport - All Secrets" (pagb666) - YouTube
"BLOOD - French Meat expansion - E1M5" (Emmanuel EXE) - DOSBox - YouTube

Fire Wings Airport (TEDE1M5) is the fifth level of the Blood fan add-on French Meat (2012). It takes place at an airport complex complete with duty free shops.

Level Designer: TEDD

Song Track: None (CD-Audio), cblood4 (MIDI)

Number of Enemies
Still Kicking TBD
Pink on the Inside TBD
Lightly Broiled TBD
Well Done TBD
Extra Crispy TBD
Number of Secrets


He finds himself at an airport, and proceeds to visit the local shops such as a pub, a kebab restaurant, and souvenir and book stores. Breaking into the cargo warehouse, Caleb slips out the back into the adjacent alleys, dodging a careening truck. However he then stumbles through a grate into the midst of a large gathering of Cabal worshippers. "This looks extraordinarily bad" Caleb mutters before being captured, crated and shoved aboard the nearby boarding plane.

Enemies Present


Weapons Available



  • After blowing a hole in the wall, go to the closed ally way on the other side and go left, jump on the crates to enter a hole in the wall. Reward: Fire armor.
  • In the Cask of Amontillado Grill & pub touch the shelfs with caskets that is not next o the mirrors. Reward: 3 Remote bombs, Tesla Cannon.
  • Go into the Kebab from Hell and jump over some boxes and touch the slimmer of the shelfs and follow the path down, watch out for Zealots. Reward: Spray can, Life seed, Napalm.
  • In the large storage room go to the left most corner of the room on the other side of the crate and jump up into the hole. Reward: Medic bag.
  • After traveling though the vents and exciting the orange door, go over the create to the right and travel through that vent. Reward: 4x Remote bombs, Tesla charge.

Fun Stuff

Secret plans...


"Now then this was a force to be reckoned with! Seriously it was ludicrously tough! The Cabal are everywhere and in high numbers! It's a good thing you were generous with Life Essences as at one point I accidently ran into a group of Fanatics on the upper floor and had to double back, but the tremendous thing was I then approached them from the opposite side and took them by surprise! Good job on the room over room with reflective floor touch though... Yes It was a very good tribute to 'Wrong Side of the Tracks' considering you retained the Rare Books Shop and Bar, I think by this point I was wondering whether I had missed the Tesla Cannon, whether it was in a secret or not because I found a secret which had Tesla Charges but hmm still no weapon to contend with! The secret with the 3 Zealots was humorous to say the least, Oh gee a secret and turns out it's probably one of the worst damn encounters in the entire level... My favourite aspect without the doubt was the end"Krypto

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