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Trauma Therapy

Developer: Thomas "BloodyTom" Ziehl

Publisher: ModDB

Designer: Thomas "BloodyTom" Ziehl

Engine: Build Engine (Blood mod; BloodGDX, NBlood, Raze), Kex Engine (Fresh Supply)

Version: v1.1

Released: April 12, 2020

Genre: First Person Shooter

Modes: Single-player, Cooperative

Platforms: MS-DOS (original executable), Java VM (BloodGDX), Microsoft Windows (NBlood, Raze, Fresh Supply), Unix-like (NBlood, Raze)


ISBN-10: N/A

Media: Download

"Caleb has won over the Cabal and destroyed the evil god Tchernobog. A short time has passed but Caleb can not find any rest. He is tormented by horrid dreams and visions that are haunting him and he has trouble distinguishing reality from dream. Awaking one day in hospital having no idea how he got there he sees only one solution to his agony. He has to find the three vessels of Tchernobog's Aura to resurrect him and kill him for the last time in hope of finding peace and rest."--Storyline

Trauma Therapy is an episode fan add-on for Blood. It was released on April 12, 2020 by Thomas "BloodyTom" Ziehl, previous author of Out for Blood, who begun work on it in August 2019 with the latest update released on June 1, 2020. It has been declared compatible with the original executable as well as BloodGDX and NBlood, with reported issues with Fresh Supply.



"After Caleb fought and defeated the dark god Tchernobog, he thought his journey had come to an end. But his dreams prevented him from finding any rest. Images of pain, suffering, tormented him. In the end, he saw only one solution. To resurrect the Devourer of Souls himself and finally kill him for the last time!"--Opening cutscene

Caleb experiences a hazy hallucination recalling his disavowal at the Hall of the Epiphany (TT01: Flashback), before awakening in a hospital bed. He snatches a shotgun hidden in a cupboard and fights his way through the hallways, snaking through the ductwork hidden in the lavatories. He escapes down the waste disposal to the the morgue, unlocking and activating the generator to get deeper into the facility. He blasts through the cafeteria and gift shop, before escaping out into town via a service elevator (TT02: Hospital Hell).

He emerges onto a bustling city street, dodging traffic, and storms through a movie theatre. This allows him to venture into the back warehouse of the KMarche to unlock access to the subway. Caleb experiences another vision of Tchernobog as he heads underground. He dives into murky waters in the maintenance area before his train comes in. The doors being locked, with no ticket, he breaks into the vents and comes in from above (TT03: City Escape).

Caleb faces frantic firefights among the various train cars, and leaps between two separate locomotives (TT04: Goin' For A Ride). The dark god again taunts him. Caleb can either stow away and arrive at a carnival (TT12: Carnival Of Terror) before potentially exploring a nearby sewage treatment facility (TT14: CABALCO Sewage Co. Ld.), or escape to arrive directly at an airfield.

Pulling in at the airport station, Caleb slaughters everyone in the terminal before breaking into administration and turning off the runway guidance lights. A Stone Gargoyle escapes from one of the crashed planes, providing a brief distraction before Caleb climbs aboard a cargo plane (TT05: Airport Trouble).

The plane ends up under fire by unknown assailants, but that proves the least of Caleb's problems as his delirium becomes dangerously vivid (TT06: Nightmare Flight).

Caleb escapes just before the plane crashes, being whisked away into a mountainside excavation of ancient ruins. He comes across a series of mirrors, collecting one to set up a puzzle later on that allows him passage to the surface. Collecting a few more keys, and defeating another Stone Gargoyle, he ultimately unlocks a glowing pit and dives into it (TT07: Island Crashin').

He ends up even deeper inside the mountain, following rail tracks through various mine sites, activating generators to power drills that cleave through the rock. This allows him to go spelunking through several caves and reservoirs, as well as a subterranean tomb. After facing a Cerberus, Caleb activates the biggest drill yet, delving deep into the earth. Nonchalantly, he takes another plunge (TT08: CABALCO Mining).

Caleb lands deep within the chasm, and is diverted through some tunnels to a wide hollow chamber deep in the earth. Here he finds the Cabal have developed new methods of teleportation. He ventures through a series of portals to other dimensions, first to Freeport City Bank, and then to a football stadium for a showdown with another Cerberus and a clutch of Hell Hounds. This gives him the two keys needed to bring down the force-field surrounding the central portal, which brings him back into the mines. Caleb fights his way to another automated drill and heads off on his way (TT09: Hollow Earth).

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