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This is a list of enemies categorized as "undead".

Bone Eel

Blood: Skeletal fish that appear to be undead.

Axe Zombie

Blood: Common undead soldier who attacks with an axe.

Bloated Butcher

Blood: Fat zombie who attacks with projectile acid and meat cleavers.

Choking Hand

Blood and Blood II: Disembodied hand that chokes the victim until asphyxiation occurs.


Blood: appears as a large demonic skeleton resembling a desiccated corpse.

Soul Drudge

Blood II: Humans infected with a Bone Leech who move and act like zombies.

Drudge Lord

Blood II: Higher evolved forms of a Soul Drudge capable of shooting fireballs.

Drudge Priest

Blood II: Final form of the Drudge Lord capable of magic and breeding Bone Leeches.

Undead Chosen

Blood II: Corpses of the Chosen through which the Ancient One speaks.