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Name: Lyubomir Ivanov

Gender: Male

Born: March 28, 1985 (age 28)

Location: Bulgaria

Profession: Translator, editor

Notable Works: "Gatekeeper's Chronicles" (Doom fan fiction)

Religion: Atheist


With Tchernobog and the Cabal (seemingly) out of commission, I find myself out of a job again (and I am not quite thrilled by the idea of becoming JoJo again)... "Former cultist" doesn't seem to make my CV very attractive, so I decided to spend some time on the Wiki and share some of my knowledge of the dark events that have been unfolding recently.

Indeed, knowledge is power. You might think old Tchernobog is gone, yet I feel that some day he might return among us. It would be better if we are prepared for this, yes?

-- Ishmael

Real Bio[edit]

I am an oldschool gamer from Bulgaria. Old DOS classics are my speciality, and first-person shooters are my favorite genre. Blood has a special place in my heart - it is a unique experience.

Most consider it to be a horror slaughterfest, yet I usually perceive it as brooding and melancholic. The story and the world have a life of their own.

Dreaming of becoming a writer, I will surely give fan fiction a try. I see that many others have written good Blood-related stories. This only strengthens my inspiration. In the past, I did some Doom-related fan fic (there is a link in the infobox if anyone is interested).

Bloody Info[edit]

As my nickname suggests, Ishmael is my favorite among The Chosen. His story and attitude seem to be the closest match to my real-life personality :)

Even Death May Die is my favorite part of the Blood storyline. Playing this episode always feels different and special, and I consider it to be the best episode in the game.

I also love Cryptic Passage - the level design is amazing, even though the maps were not made by Monolith.

My favorite Blood levels include:

Favorite Blood 2 levels:


I hadn't really played any until now - I'm currently playing Death Wish and I love it :)

Other Wiki Activities[edit]

I am an admin at Quake Wiki (link goes to my profile).