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online Username: savagereaper

Alternate Username: kaptindregbadd

Born: irrelevent

Nationality: us of a (i have a sense of humor)

languages: american english, (my first language) espaniol, (barely functional so dont ask) and the Cultist language. (a few phrases)

weapon of choice: bolter [1]

motto my armor is contempt!, my shield is disgust!, my sword is hatred!, let none live in the emperor's name! [2]

Notable Works: [to your life: the blood rpg over on 1d4chan] Caleb reads

Hey! im savagereaper i use this moniker on all of the places i am on the web. I have finished blood on lightly broiled but im still finishing it on well done and i really hope i can finish it on extra crispy. My favored port is blood gdx because the port is a lot more user-friendly than dosbox and i dont mind that it runs in java. Some people complain about the shading being different. but those people never bothered to look in the renderer settings because i can change the gamma and brightness to be very close to classic blood. my only real complaint about blood gdx is that the splash damage is a little wonky and i hope m210 (creator of blood gdx) can fix it. For my non-electronic contibutions to the ever-growing repository of fan works i am developing the blood rpg titled welcome to your life: the blood rpg over on 1d4chan. its linked here if you want to see it (nothing has really been done for it yet but that will change.[[3]] all that stuff is probbably confusing if your coming from the link i put on /tg/ (1d4chan) but the jist of it is is that playing blood in dosbox (a dos emulator) kinda sucks because it dosent have a lot of quality of life improvements and the settings are basically nonexistent so people reverse engineered blood's source code (it hasn't been released because of legal shenanigans) and they add lots of new features to blood.