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Main Page[edit]

I like how it is going so far. Your efforts will not go unnoticed in the eyes of the Drudge Master! If you guys decide to release the page as the official one, it would make the Wiki a whole lot more appealing to the people that wander over here. I believe that I've already replied to User:Tchernobog about this, but I'll be happy to give my ideas on this. One, the site in general could use a lot more Screamshots for the viewer's pleasure. One of the keys in Blood lets you take a in-screamshot, but I am not so sure about this. I never really messed with the controls in Blood. A cool feature in the Main Page could be the Blood Quote of the Day. Once a day, for 24 hours, a quote from a character in the series, mainly Caleb, could be displayed in a box with said title. Once the Wiki is more established, we could add more features over time. Another suggestion would be a Did You Know... box. It could contain a lot of facts about the game that people didn't know. They could be about culture references or about enemies and characters. In short, if you, User:Gideon, and User:Tchernobog want to release it now or later on, you'll have my support. Regards, Mark. -- By User:Drudge Master

Re: Oh Wow![edit]

I thank you for what you said about me. I always talk like that around people. Of course, my friends in 7th Grade really don't like it when I talk that way. I'll be more than happy to send over some sketches for The Reckoning via international mail. I used to draw multitudes of pictures in my younger days, mostly stick figured Calebs. Now I draw a lot less, mainly because there hasn't been any inspiration nowadays. I've been sketching out the Cabal emblems at random sheets of paper, whenever a get a sudden train of thought. Most of them at not to my liking, mainly because they seem to simple. Or it could be the fact that it's damn hard to sketch out the Blood II Cabal symbol. 'am pretty sure that I am the only person in Philadelphia that really interested in Blood. I try to tell my friends about it, but they say that it would be too violent and their parents won't approve. Or it could be that they don't even know what operating system they have on their computers. Oh well, guess I can't help it. Anyway, send me your postal address and you can reply me back with my address on the letter. Hope you and your brothers don't kill yourself in your bickering, we have a job to do. And that job is to unite the Blood universe with this creation in progress. Regards, Mark. -- By User:Drudge Master

User Page Infoboxes[edit]

Since infoboxes seem to be passing the vote, I would like a few for User Pages that go like this:

  • This User owns all the Blood Games
  • This User plays the Fan Games
  • This User plays with Dosbox
  • This User plays on Linux
  • This User plays with MS DOS
  • This User writes Fan Fiction
  • This Users draws Fan Art

More to come later.... Tchernobog 11:48, 16 May 2008 (EDT)

About the Meetings[edit]

I changed up the storyline for The Reckoning. I think the ShadowCorps should be included later. As for the IM, how about we all just chose a certain day to chat online? We don't have to chose a time, just a certain day where we would chat all day, exchanging ideas about Blood 3. I am not sure how we should do this though. If you like this idea, get Gideon and Tchernobog into it as well. -- By User:Drudge Master

More about the Meetings[edit]

I am free Sun, just tell me what type of IM service we would use. You can choose whatever, as long as we get the chance to go over some details in an in-depth convo. -- By User:Drudge Master

Can I have an account on this wiki?[edit]

Hi. I was editing some articles lately, and I really wish I could be an user so I can upload new media to the articles.