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"Not pictured is Karen's office, B2's Project Manager. Karen keeps the rest of us organized and on track! Before she came onto the project we just sat around playing the N64 and eating Cheesy Poofs. Ah, the good old days. :)"
--James Wilson III, Blood II Weekly Updates: Week One

Karen Burger was the product manager for Blood II: The Chosen and its The Nightmare Levels expansion, taking over the role of project manager filled by Matt Saettler for the original Blood after he moved up to be a producer. She is also listed as having worked on the manual. She is not credited for any other game by Monolith Productions or anyone else. She is described as "SoccerMom/The-Glue-That-Binds" in the Blood II credits. Her role seems similar to that played by long-time office manager Donna Jackson at id Software.

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