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"The Cabal Language has presumably existed as long as the Cabal. It is a secret means of communication used amoungst the members of the Cabal to hide their intentions, and keep their existence secret. It is also the language of their magical rituals. All of Cabal history is recorded using this language, and many of its members prefer its use, or have adapted it to their particular needs. For example, the Fanatics use it as a form of inter-squad communication to intimidate their target."Blood II: The Chosen Manual

"Blood Game - Cultists Phrases and Sounds" (deviljerome) - YouTube
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The Cultist Language or Cabal Language is the official language of the Cabal, known to them as the Dark Wisdom (Domus Durbentia). It is a derivative of Latin, French and Sanskrit and has two forms - formal and colloquial. Little is known of it besides the individual words officially released by Monolith, and even this is not a comprehensive list of all the dialogue in this language. It is sharp, crass, terrifying and meant to unnerve non-cult members. The language was developed by Daniel Bernstein.

It is most used in Blood, and generally subdued in Blood II, since by that time the Cabal had become an international trading empire, for which English is the best language of commerce. However, Fanatics and Zealots can still be heard exclaiming curses. Ishmael also speaks some cultists curses, as does the Prophet (including as a BloodBath player model), and Gideon has some recordings of him speaking in cultist.

In Shogo: Mobile Armour Division, Fallen troops can occasionally be heard exclaiming translatable Cultist phrases. The first major mod published for Cultic replaces that game's robe wearing fanatics' cries with those of spoken cultist; another for Left 4 Dead 2 replaces the smoker's sounds with cultist.


English Cultist
believer (colloquial) rud'minuox
believer (formal) rudsceleratus
blessed (formal) pestis cruento
blood (formal) cruo
blood brother (formal) crunatus
blood heaven (formal) pretiacruento
bloodhungry (formal) cruentu
bloodshed (colloquial) cruensseasrjit
bloodthirsty (colloquial) cruonit
chaos (formal) shaantitus
curse (formal) cruento pestis
dark (formal) domus
death (colloquial) marana
drink (colloquial) bibox
eat (colloquial) vorox
ecstasy/enlightenment (formal) cruento paashaeximus
enemies (formal) Shatruex
foreigner (formal) infirmux
fresh (colloquial) crudux
gun (colloquial) vigra
hate (colloquial) invisux
hate (formal) invisuu
heaven (formal) maravita
home (formal) domus-bhaava
light (formal) acerbus-shatruex
living dead (formal) pretaanluxis
love (colloquial) odiosux
love (formal) odiosuu
massacre (colloquial) cruo-stragaraNa
massacre (formal) prayaNavita
order (formal) vilomaxus
pray (colloquial) profanx
pray (formal) profanuxes
shit (colloquial) exim’ha
spirit (colloquial) tuulenux
spirit (formal) praaNsilenux
to be (colloquial) esco
to be (formal) bhuuesco
to become (colloquial) desco
to become (formal) bhuudesco
to do, inflict upon (colloquial) hatanoceo
to do, to inflict upon (formal) hatanoceo
to have, possess (colloquial) gero
to have, possess (formal) geropayati
to make bloody (colloquial) cruonita
to make dark (formal) infuscomus
unbeliever/Humanity (colloquial) malax
unbeliever/Humanity (formal) caecux
unquenchable (formal) quodpipax
weakling (colloquial) pallex
wisdom (formal) durbentia
world (formal) lokemundux

Latin vocabulary is altered slightly, often by changing the -us ending to -ux. For example, Latin crudus means "raw", cruentus is "bloody", and cruor is "blood" or "gore". Some of the words' meanings appear to be altered significantly or mockingly inverted. For example, "love" is given as odiosuu or odiosux, which means "hateful" in Latin (odiosus), while the word for "hate" appears to be derived from an alternate Latin word for "hated" (invisus); "pray" is profanx, another obvious inversion.

Known Cultist Phrases/Curses[edit]

This is a comprehensive list of the cultist curses and phrases shouted by Cabal loyalists in Blood and Blood II. This is based on ear alone - some words may be misheard or mistranslated. Words which are unknown or do not show up in the Domus Durbentia are in quotes.

Cultist Curse Translation
"apigami" _________
bhuudesco invisuu To become hate (formal)
bhuuesco marana To be death
crudux cruo Fresh blood
cruento paashaeximus Ecstasy / Enlightenment (formal)
cruento pestis shatruex Curse enemies (formal)
cruo crunatus durbe Blood blood brother wise (formal?)
cruo lokemundux Blood world (formal)
cruo stragarana malaxos Massacre ___________
geroxe cruo To have _________ blood
En marana domus nava crunatus __ death home blood brother
caecux infirmux Unbeliever foreigner (formal)
malax "say ti" Unbeliever / humanity _________
maranax pallex Death to the weakling (colloquial)
maranax malax Death to the unbeliever
maranax infirmux Death to the outsider
pallex "ti" Weakling _____
Geroxe bibox malax ________ drink unbeliever / humanity
pestis Cruento Blessed (formal)
pestis cruento vilomaxus pretiacruento Blessed order blood heaven (formal)
pretaanluxis cruonit Living dead bloodthirsty
pretiacruento Blood heaven
stragarana Massacre?
vorox esco marana Eat to be death (colloquial)
vilomaxus Order (formal)
"Pro" stragarana malaxos Said as a Cultist chant by Brian Goble

Fan-Created Words[edit]

"Also, Blood's cultist's "Manamax and Spear Books!" and "Get Off Ze Cross!" (I have no idea what Blood's cultists actually say)... Seriously this is not really parseable and I don't know if it's a real language or what"Chris "Errant Signal" Franklin

The Postmortem Cultist Translator[edit]

On the Blood fan site The Postmortem there was a translator that changes English text into mock cultist. It was designed to make words look like they are in cultist by adding characters to the words. It has not been available since the main website went down in late 2009.

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