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This is a list of fan made mods (modifications), add-ons and notable custom maps made for Blood and Blood II: The Chosen.




GameFront hosts various Blood and Blood II: The Chosen modifications and files. Files available range from custom skins, new levels, to unofficial patches. Since switching from the name FileFront the website appears to have become much more poorly categorized, but it still has several hard to find modifications for download.

Website: Blood Files on GameFront


ModDB has several modification available for download for both Blood and Blood II, including Bloody Pulp Fiction and Rage Against the Machine for Blood and BastardCTF, DarkAct, Festival of Blood, FX Enhancer, and Outz CTF Maps for Blood II: The Chosen. Many of the Blood II files were uploaded from other websites by Joe Volante.

Website: Blood Files, Blood II Files



A website founded in 2008 dedicated to the hosting of Blood modifications; it has also expanded to host maps for the original Shadow Warrior, a fellow Build engine title; a few maps are also hosted under "Other" for Redneck Rampage. It has grown to be a quite popular modification hosting site, earning maps from well known mod makers such as Alexandre "Hades" Vancomerbeck, Ryan "Wangho" Williams, RedFanatic, Dwayne Anderson and Dustin "Bloatoid" Twiley. It also hosts map creation tutorials, a list of cheat codes, and a guest book. It was created and is currently maintained by Michael J. Ochs.




See Also: List of Websites#RTCM

A sizable collection of Blood modifications created by Dwayne Anderson, Joel "Reactor" and Kurt "Headhunter" Blackwell, BelaRUSSIAN, Christian Green, Jeff Morris, Dustin Twiley, and others. It also contains the Cryptic Passage teaser by Sunstorm Interactive. Many of the modifications included were large modification projects such as BloodLines and Legends of the Iconoclast. It is well regarded as a reliable (active from 2000 to the present), exhaustive and yet somewhat curated collection of Blood add-ons and maps.


Website: Add-ons, Maps, Tools

The Bloody Repo[edit]

A repository for add-ons, maps, tools, art assets and more.

Mirrors Blood Chronicles volume 2, BME's Blood Map Pack, Alone in the Dark, Legends of the Iconoclast, Rage Against the Machine, Bloody Pulp Fiction, Caleb Will Have His Revenge on Toronto, The Carnage Continues, French Meat and the "Weapons Mod".


BME/ILMHB's Bloody Place[edit]


A wealth of information regarding Blood mapping, using MapEdit and various other topics, as well as a few maps of their own. Started by BME and I Like My Hands Bloody in April 2012.


Polish Blood Centre[edit]

Bloodgame logo polish.jpg

The Polish Blood Centre hosted various modifications for Blood and Blood II: The Chosen in its files section. These included several well known maps such as Legends of Iconoclast and The Carnage Continues, it also included several hard to find maps such as The 13th Realm. Despite no longer being online, the file links are surprisingly complete via the Wayback Machine.


Deep Cold Grave[edit]


The "Deep Cold Grave" section of the Russian Blood Community hosts various Blood maps and modification projects. It is unique because of its Russian based maps, even including a recreation of Moscow. The levels were created by Zik, Diman, and Ryan Williams. As of December 14, 2008 it hosts twelve levels and twelve larger Blood modification projects.

Website: Russian Translated.

Blood Hispano[edit]


The website Blood Hispano hosts articles and downloads for various Blood maps, add-ons and other projects in the Spanish language.

Links: BloodBath Maps, Single Player Maps, Blood Add-Ons, Blood II Add-Ons

Control-Z's Blood Maps[edit]


A collection of Blood modifications created by Jimmy Chris DeVona, Michael D. Green, Mamba16, Anders Aandahl. Michael Haythorp, Christopher "Boogeyman" Brua, Desmond Sheppard, Daniel Wilson, J. E. Simpson, Nikk Matantsev, and others hosted on the ControlZ website. The majority were created for BloodBath purposes, with a few supporting single player. The website was maintained by Craig "ControlZ" Duckett, and started out on GeoCities before moving to Planet Blood.


Jarlaxle's Collection[edit]

A detailed collection of over 1,300 maps for Blood posted on the Transfusion Forums divided into three sections: Complete Collection, Just Maps, and Just Total Conversions. All are direct-links and do not require registering an account of any kind. They were complied by Jarlaxle, and are now only available through the Wayback Machine.

Forum Thread:

Downloads: Complete, Just Maps, Just TCs


The website The Postmortem hosts a forum for both Blood and Blood II modding, to showcase, ask questions and post how-tos.

Links: Blood modifications, Blood II modifications, List of mods for Blood

Blood Mods[edit]

Large Scale[edit]

The following add-ons feature at least one complete released episode of more than five original maps, making them eligible for independent articles.

Another notable effort is The Lost Episode (2014), which takes map designs from the Blood Alpha and makes it into a coherent single episode for Blood.


The following are prominent mappers whose work has become notable for coverage in total.


A mapper that produced fourteen levels in total for both Bloodbath and single-player.


Purgatory: After destroying Tchernobog at the Hall of the Epiphany, the power vacuum allows Caleb's soul to rise and hold him captive. Although thanking him for disposing of the dark god, it prepares to punish Caleb for every innocent victim he has slain through four trials: suffering, punishment, despair and redemption - and then hopefully become one together. These four tasks make up the modification's giant level. It was created by RedFanatic, later co-developer of Bloody Pulp Fiction, and the Plasma Pak was required.


Mirror: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM (re-scripted by BME)

Threads: Postmortem Forums, Transfusion Forums

RedFanatic's other standalone map is Hall of the Mountian Queen.

Deep Cold Grave Mods[edit]

Modifications hosted principally by the "Deep Cold Grave" section of the Russian Blood Community

Modifications by Zik[edit]

Main Article: Sectant

A collection of various Blood modifications hosted on the Cold Cold Grave website. Each map has a different back story, mostly revolving around common themes of vengeance and revenge, with a few having more distinct story lines such as fighting in a town being taken over by a virus or tracking down a murderer. All of the modifications were created by Zik.

Modifications by LifeKILLED and CHARMED[edit]

A collection of various Blood modifications hosted on the Cold Cold Grave website. Similar to the modifications by Zik, vengeance and revenge are common themes in these maps. All of the modifications were created by LifeKILLED and CHARMED, except for The Sect War and Dead Letters which was created exclusively by LifeKILLED.

Website: Old Friend original, Old Friend, The Sect War, Dead Letters, The IT Blood add-ons (all in Russian)

Threads: Old Friend Add-on (new vers.2.6), Old Friend v2.5 add-on from The IT, Remake of cultic add-on started

Modifications by BelaRUSSIAN[edit]

Author of two map sets for Blood: Defrag and Bots. The former contains five episodes of one map each.

  • "DeFrag" - "huge space for jumps with napalm, blow barrels TNT and fly where you want, additional rooms for other tests and it is a lot of that another. More shortly, it is possible to make everything"), "Blooders" - originally reflected as a map for network game, but still in DeFrag, because requires completion."
  • "nJUMPing" - "jumps with napalm through a trench. Simply for those who wants to try."
  • tJUMPing - "jumps from dynamite. More similar on run with obstacles: look demo."
  • "FireBall" - "similar I saw in Quake: fly on you rocket, but in Blood napalm. Fascinatingly."

Link: Defrag website (Russian), Defrag on RTCM

Bots contains three maps intended for hard core players. The author's favourite is "Cultists".

Link: Bots website (Russian), Bots on RTCM

The Way of All Flesh-Again[edit]

Russian modification that changes the levels in The Way of All Flesh without changing the story, it was created by Diman (aka NoOne) of Alone in the Dark.

Website Russian project page, RTCM (re-scripted by BME)

The Phantom of Communism[edit]

Russian modification created by Lena "Hellen" Iachoukova and [p0d] Nike containing the map "Cemetery", which was later included in The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De.

Website: Russian project page


BME's Blood Map Pack[edit]

"This pack contains 1184 Zips, 1719 maps of 285+ authors all having proper filenames and showing the full author (and/or nickname) and the full title of the map or add-on. All maps have been provided a BAT and INI file (where missing) and some projects are rescripted (install BAT) in order to make them work properly and/or to ensure the original files will be restored after playing. There are a few add-ons left out because of ridiculous file sizes; having extremely large cutscene movies or unnecessary gamefile duplicates, most of them are recent releases and are still downloadable elsewhere so there's no need at this point in time to preserve them in this pack. This is an update and total replacement of the previous packs released. I like to thank Corvin, Mike Ochs and all mappers out there!"
--Compiled description

The 2015 release was put out on December 31st and promises to be the "The Ultimate Blood Map and Add-on Collection!", with previous releases in January 3, 2015 (2014 release) and April 24, 2013.

Link: 2015 on Blood.Freeminded.De, 2014 on Blood.Freeminded.De, 2013 on Blood.Freeminded.De, 2014 on Mod DB, 2013 on Mod DB, 2015 on RTCM

The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De[edit]

"This map pack contains 50 of the best Blood user maps uploaded so far to blood.freeminded. This pack differs from others because a special mapbrowser has been included to make everything all the more convenient! Poorly written and/or unfunctional install scripts have been fixed. Some INI files have been created but no maps have been altered. Scripts that deal with custom art or sounds will backup the original Blood files first. This pack is thoroughly tested, if by any chance you still encounter problems then please install a fresh copy of Blood and try again. The maps in this pack are guaranteed to work with Blood v1.21 (although some may also work with v1.00)."
--Official description

A compilation by BME/ILMHB promises to offer the best 50 maps/small episodes of the Blood.Freeminded.De website (circa July 22, 2011), with all thoroughly tested and accessible through a special mapbrowser.


The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De:
13th Realm Demo Josh Hutchinson
The Abyss unknown
Ancient Treks
Avalanche ItBurn
Banzai's Add-on various
Biosyn Dustin Twiley (aka Bloatoid)
The Blood City Daniel Gomez
Blood Town Robert Bauer
Burger Queen CuRe
The Cathedral Robert Bauer
Cemetery Hellen and [P0D]Nike
Castle of Horrors Joao Gonclaves
Citadel Dan Munch
Coop Level 1 David Wikström (aka Tekedon)
Da' Lab Dustin Twiley (aka Bloatoid)
Escape Skumball
Fresh 1 Tobias Persson (aka Tobey)
Full Moon Michael J. Ochs
Gitit Maik Rockstar
Dr. Goozz's House Treks
The Hall of the Epiphany Austin Adams (aka Spill Some Blood)
Haunted Hill David Wikström (aka Tekedon)
Hostile Takeover Dustin Twiley (aka Bloatoid)
The House of Pain Steve Portelance
The Hunt Jerry
Incubus Mike Meklenburg
Inherit the Earth Dustin Twiley (aka Bloatoid)
Kalitha - The Dead Mines CuRe
Lost Evil Christopher Brua (aka Boogeyman)
The Lost Temple Michael J. Ochs
Manmons Dustin Twiley (aka Bloatoid)
Meat Factory Tobias Persson (aka Tobey)
Minegame Joshua Noss (aka Sickboy)
Miskatonic Station James Donaldson
Night ItBurn
Nitemare unknown
The Old Manor David Wikström (aka Tekedon)
Pandemonium Alexandre Vancomerbeck (aka Hades)
Port Coop ItBurn
Put to Death Phil Jones (aka Desperado)
Ravenloft Michael Shire
Revenge Jerry
Sewer System Dwayne Anderson
Six Keys Randy Bee (aka BeeMan)
Test of Skills Anden Af Anti
The Way of All Flesh Again NoOne (aka Diman)
The Wacky Island David Wikström (aka Tekedon)

Blood Chronicles[edit]

"BLOOD: CHRONICLES. The first volume of a collection of the best BLOOD user maps ever made. 36 levels making up 4 unique episodes that will keep you occupied while the world crumbles to dust around you... So pick your poisen and dig in. A splattered time if guaranteed for all!... Blood Chronicles aims to be the best blood map collection. Only the very best of Blood Community!"
--Official description

Two compilations intended to showcase the best of the Blood mapping community. The first volume, often spelt as "Chronicals", was released on September 24, 2004 by Frater Diatonica Dracona and contains thirty six levels making up four episodes, including many maps unavailable individually from either Blood.Freeminded.De or RTCM. It also features an attempt at a connecting plot for the disparate episodes. The second features four episodes with eight maps for Bloodbath and was released a decade later on February 5, 2014 and was compiled by Sir Seizhak and scripted by BME.

Link: Volume I website, Blood.Freeminded.De volume I, Blood.Freeminded.De volume II, RTCM volume 1, RTCM volume II, Mod DB volume II

Articles: Blood Hispano article on I (Spanish), Blood Hispano article on II (Spanish)

Blood Chronicles, Volume I:
Episode One: UNDERWORLD "tells the tale of Caleb's search for the Cabal's newest horror, The Grand Illusion Carnival, with plans to shut it down before it entraps any victims. The rumour is that there is a forgotten teleport back in one of the old Cabal mines that will put Caleb right at its front door." Episode Two: CULT INCORPERATED "is the story of Caleb's adventure exploring the massive grounds of the Cabal's headquarters looking for you-know-who and getting into some mindbending situations. Don't forget to pack your shrooms."
Episode Three: DIABOLICA "finds Caleb facing his worse nightmare as he is thrown into the very mind of the Dreaming God, Tchernobog and his minions. Will Caleb emerge with his insanity intact? This promises to be the weirdest episode you will ever experience." Episode Four: COLD BLOOD "will whisk you away to the frozen places that men dare to go to find the cabal's version of Shangrala, an evil paradise where Calab finds yet another dark secret about the dread Cabal."
Blood Chronicles, Volume II:
Episode One: Episode Two: BloodBath:
Episode Three: Episode Four:

The Lost Episodes[edit]

Not to be confused with The Lost Episode mod based on the Blood Alpha.

Compiled by Frater Diatonica Dracona. Requires the Plasma Pak. A cooperative version was later released by KNUKE.

Link: Website, Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM


Maps converted from other games to Blood:

Maps inspired by other games:

Zippy's Blood Meltdown[edit]

Converts the first three levels of Duke Nukem 3D ("Hollywood Holocaust", "Red Light District" and "Death Row" by Allen Blum) to Blood, plus an additional BloodBath episode with levels "Pac-Manic Depression" and "Gambit" by Jeff Morris, as well as "Canal Madness", "RIP HQ", "Rest In Pieces II".

Links: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM, Mod DB, Blood Hispano (Spanish)

Noldor Ranzou's DN3D BB Map Pack[edit]

A pack that contains four conversions of popular Dukematch maps for Duke Nukem 3D: 8-BALL, IODRPG13, LEDGESB1, and WARZONE.


Small Scale[edit]

Other notable efforts worthy of having a section write up.

The 13th Realm[edit]

The 13th Realm logo
The 13th Realm screamshot

The 13th Realm was a project by Josh Hutchison to try and create a commercial add-on pack for the game, to be charged at around $15 dollars. It is not clear whether or not it ever was given authorization from Monolith Productions (although the site was linked to in the official Blood web pool), or even if it was intended to (see Blood#Level Packs).

In the end all that was ever released was a two level sample of the game (also known as Save the Slaves, which some sources also cite Memo2000 as contributing to), which was included in the 2011 The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De compilation and the first volume of Blood Chronicles in 2004, and the project's original site was last updated on May 26, 1998.

It was supposed to be based around more intricate puzzles and set-pieces than the original game (even comparing itself to Myst. The game's story was simply put as: "Of the many places that Caleb has had to make unwilling visits to, he had no idea he would find a place as horrific as the 13th realm. A place where God has no meaning. A place where Hell is the least painful place to end up when you die."

Link: Official website, Josh Hutchison's Blood Maps '98, Demo on, Demo on Mod DB, Demo on RTCM, "Alone" map

Gods, the Epic Trilogy[edit]

Gods screamshot

"Levels for Professional Blood players. 'You will make them pay, and then... you will die.' Welcome to a nice and hard bunch of levels. If you are a professional Bloodite, and have conquered all but these levels, we hope you will find a difficult, yet well balanced challenge here. All of these levels are ramped in difficulty, so that the last level is the hardest of them all. This means that if you find the first level hard, you may find the last one to be beyond your skills. These levels have been finished by us, and contain what we believed to be some of the most challenging puzzles, toughest enemies and difficult tasks to master. The amount of times you will die, is insane. If the texts are read thoroughly, and your skills at puzzle solving are good, you may find the secret level, and with it more challenges."
--Official description

A well known trilogy of maps, with an additional secret level, from 1998 by brothers Joel "Reactor" and Kurt "Headhunter" Blackwell. It was included in The Lost Episodes compilation.

Link: Official website, Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM, Mod DB


Chapter three screamshot

A well known trilogy of three maps created in February 1998 by Michael Shire of "The Ultimate Blood MapEdit Suite" eventually hosted by Planet Blood.

The trilogy was also included in the Blood Chronicles volume two compilation, as well as The Best of Blood.Freeminded.De and The Lost Episodes.

Link: Planet Blood, Original host


Blood.Freeminded.De: Chapter 1: The Village of Ba, Chapter 2: Strahd's Castle, Chapter 3: Down to the Crypt

Mod DB: Chapter 1: The Village of Ba, Chapter 2: Strahd's Castle, Chapter 3: Down to the Crypt

Time Episode[edit]

"You have killed some innocent people and you have no other way but to jump off the building. After that you’ll wake up in hell and escape trough a time portal, make your way back to your own time and kill the evil flying lizard (Maybe it's mr. Satan. Who knows…)."
--Official description

Link: RTCM, Blood Hispano article (Spanish)


"We return to a strange and even more dangerous RIP Building (the notorious Centre For Funereal Excellence and the headquarters of Rest In Pieces Incorporated). RIP Inc are big players in the funeral business. They also have a neat sideline in stolen body parts which they'd rather no-one knew about. It's another weekend, and again somebody forgot to lock the place up. What a fine venue for some kick-ass fun with your friends..."
--Official description

This mod by Jeff Morris is set in a map called the RIP Arena, of which parts one and two are self-contained subsets of part three which is the main environment. It is advised by the author that players should explore before playing against others.

Link: RTCM

Eye of the Blood[edit]

A three level long episode for Blood by Christian Green, who spent awhile creating the maps.

Link: RTCM

The Evergrowing Army of the UnDead[edit]

"After being murdered for killing their leader, Tchernobog, The One That Binds, you were thrown into a grave, to sleep forever, never to be found by the living. The Cabal's cultists work day and night, in an old funeral home, outside of your grave to create zombies to help the Cabal take over what they had lost because of you, Caleb. Other creatures, such as Cultists,zombies, and butchers work in the train station, not too far from the funeral home. They have to make sure the trains and the shipments of zombies to the other parts of the Cabal, make it to their destinations on time. Trains come by several times a day to pick up the shipments of zombies, and if one thing were to go wrong, the Cultists working there would have to pay, bigtime. You are thing that will go wrong. You awaken from your slumber and stumble out of your coffin that was supposed to hold you in forever, planning to reatake the Cabal by storm, and get your rightful place back, which is leading the Cabal."
--Official description

An add-on project that only ever released its first part, created by Sloth and Kozmyck Chiken.

Link: Part 1 on RTCM

Haunted Realms[edit]

"You liked the true Monolith Blood maps... You will LOVE this one!"
--Joël "Shimmy" Dubé

A three level episode by Joël "Shimmy" Dubé featuring three levels. Featured in The Lost Episodes compilation.

  • House of Horrors: "It's a big haunted house featuring blood, gore, bodies, pain and great lightning effects. Make you a way through different kinds of monsters with all your artillery! Really hot map. Enough big to lose yourself everywhere. A little bit frustrating because of large amount of monsters! Then save your game each minutes."
  • Lost Crypt: "You are outside the major of the time. There is a large monastery in what you will find all your needs to make your way to the bosses. Really GOOD and BIG map."
  • Snow Blind

Link: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM

It's A War Out There[edit]


"One beautiful cloudy day you were sitting in your shack very, very, bored. You wished to go outside and look for something to do, but being as it is a war out there, there is a bunch of mean evil nasty things outside that wish to harm you. After a while of thinking about this situation, you come to the conclusion that the mean evil nasty things outside could be the very solution to your boredom. Sure they wish to harm you, but could you not harm them as well? An evil smile stretches across your face as you grab your shotgun and rush out the door."
--Official description

It's a War Out There (shortened as AWAR) is a one-level add-on for Blood created by TOT COMICS/That one guy (aka Joe Anderson), creator of Blood Reborn, in 2011. The back-story is brief: Caleb has been hiding out in his cabin for a long time, getting increasingly bored, but weary of all the dangers that lay beyond. After all "it's a war out there". Eventually however, the protagonist decides to venture outward, figuring that all those things that seek to hurt him he can hurt in return, and thereby find his means to amuse himself. The level features cemetery, urban, library, sewer, water, and cave areas and even a laboratory with portals to both the frozen north and to a temple complex. It is here that the player meets his final challenge: two beasts that guard the exit.

Downloads: Official Website, ModDB, Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM

Postmortem Threads: Announcement, Release, Version 2, Version 3


"After your encounter with the zombie at the cliff, you quickly come to the conclusion that the Cabal is in the area. Since the whole reason your even near this cliff is because your so darn bored, you decide to follow the cliff in the hopes of finding the Cabals latest hideout. After an hour or so of walking you come across an old library. You immediately decide that this is a promising place to start looking and quickly proceed inside..."
--Official description

The premise is continued in a second add-on, It's a War Out There 2, wherein Caleb finds an axe zombie carelessly wandering around a cliff-face, falling to its death. Caleb figures this must herald a nearby Cabal stronghold, and so he decides to check it out, again to relieve his endless boredom. First he comes across an old library, which he blasts through, before retreating down into the sewers, and again through a laboratory, finding a similar portal that leads out into a lava temple. There he has a surprise encounter with Tchernobog, whom he defeats before once again heading along his way. The introductions to both levels feature animated openings featuring Blood sprites, followed by a textual introduction. There were three versions released of the original map, and two of the second.

Downloads: Official Website, ModDB, Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM

Postmortem Threads: Sequel Testers Request, Sequel Release

Weapons Mod[edit]


There exist several weapons mods for Blood, which mostly replace the game's art assets, but also makes some behavioural tweaks. The most notable is titled just "Weapons Mod", and mostly replaces weapons with their Blood Alpha versions, save for the Tommy Gun which gets replaced with the Riot Shotgun from Shadow Warrior and the inclusion of the twin pistols from PowerSlave (Exhumed) over the Tommy Gun. It was released on November 17, 2012, and features an batch file to allow for the installation of each particular weapon (noting that the alpha and riot shotguns are mutually exclusive).

  • Napalm Launcher from Alpha
  • Sawed-off from Alpha (changed characteristics)
  • Beast Hands from Alpha (changed characteristics)
  • Riot Shotgun from Shadow Warrior (changed characteristics)
  • Aerosol from Alpha
  • Dinamyte (Bundle, Proximity and Remote) from Alpha
  • Double Revolvers from Exhumed (changed characteristics)

The mod as later reissued as a version 1.2. It changed the double revolver into a single revolver, as well as other slight tweaks to their characteristics. Version 1.3 added tweaks to the Life Leech. Both versions were made by NoOne (aka Dimon), and a version is included with the New Alone in the Dark modification.

The Bloody Repo: Version 1.0, Version 1.1 (re-scripted), Version 1.2, Version 1.3

Mirrors: 1.0 on Blood.Freeminded.De, 1.2 on on Blood.Freeminded.De, 1.2 on Mod DB, Version 1.3 on RTCM

Other: Weapons Mod on YouTube, Transfusion Forums thread


There also exists a chain-gun mod which replaces the Tommy Gun (voxel included) with the chain-gun cannon (ripper) from Duke Nukem 3D created by BME/ILMHB. Another adds in the shotgun from that game.

Links: Blood.Freeminded.De, RTCM, Blood Repo, YouTube video

Voxel Pack[edit]

"Voxel pack from 89 high-quality models which can be installed on any user addition. All sprites corresponding to models are in file TILES018.ART and it also should be delivered together with your addition. Visual samples of models you can consider in mapfile VOXEL.MAP, and ID - in script MODELS.RFS"
--Official description

A pack by NoOne (aka Diman) of Alone in the Dark which provides 89 new voxels for the game.

Link: The Bloody Repo, RTCM, Transfusion Forums


New voxels graphics were also worked on by a user named Nil on the Transfusion Forums.


Blood II: The Chosen Mods[edit]


Hospital of Souls
BloodShed BloodBath Map
The Festival of Blood
FX Enhancer
Extra Crispy Enhancer Pack


A tweak mod for Blood II: The Chosen, used as a base for "bBlooDfFreEk".

Links: Voodoo 1.4 Download, bBloODfFreEk sample mod for blood2

Ze Rein's Bastard CTF[edit]

Ze Rein's Bastard CTF is a Blood II: The Chosen multiplayer modification that adds a thoroughly twisted and haunting take on the awesome McKinley Revival map from the Quake sequel to Blood2 in full Lithtech glory. The mod features tons of enhancements, numerous fixes, multiplayer weapons and a healthy dose of spooky madness to the online mayhem. An entire host of new character skins and costumes are also made available for your gibbing pleasure. Although this is a multiplayer mod at heart, the Bastard CTF mod can also be used when playing through the single-player campaign of Blood2.

Links: ModDB

Blood 2K5[edit]

Blood 2K5 (also known as B2K5 or Blood 2005) is a Blood II: The Chosen modification that adds new single player levels to the game. The plot revolves around Ishmael, who appears to have gone against Caleb. The player has to move through a variety of locals, including graveyards, road houses, and finally a hospital. The modification includes early development files from Blood II: Resurrection, such as more traditional looking cultists, fanatics and zombies. One level was created by Joe Volante, and a modified Psycho Circus retail level is also included, and the hospital level which was created by Alexandre "Hades Vancomerbeck. It was originally created in 2005 (explaining the title), but the finished modification was released on November 20, 2007.

Links: Transfusion Forums (Early Thread, Survey Thread), Postmortem Forums

BloodBath Maps[edit]

The majority of all maps created for Blood II: The Chosen were created purely for BloodBath purposes. Although these maps were created by several different authors and hosted several different places over the years, you can find several websites which have brought them together for download. The maps contain everything from single player BloodBath conversions, maps from other games, to new multiplayer arenas. Theses maps were created by Kurt "Headhunter" Blackwell, Joe Volante, Michael Gehri, Arjan Kerren, Robert Missionario, as well as many others.

Links: DeathMask, MEGA Mappack 2014

The Festival of Blood[edit]

A modification that adds Blood style touches to Blood II: The Chosen as well as a lot of other original touches. The main goal of the modification was to bring back a more classic Blood atmosphere to Blood II BloodBath. This was done by bringing back elements such as sounds, levels, models, and graphics back from the original Blood, as well as several original ideas the authors thought would benefit the experience. These new changes include new skins for Gabriella and Ishmael, as well as new animated effects for water, mud, and lava. The modification was created by Arjan Kerren and WKYA-Undertaker.

Website: Official website, ModDB

Bernie's Silly Mod[edit]

Bernie's Silly Mod is a modification developed in 1999 which adds various changes for the sake of humour or just random creativity. It does not add any additional levels or content, but does change various skins, animations, and enemy behaviours. These changes include new textures for most weapons, weapons fire animations were sped up or slowed down depending on the model, new firing modes for Submachine Gun, the Death Ray beams were changed to red, Assault Rifle bombs have a new texture, some new weapons such as the rocket launcher from the game Shogo: MAD which replaces the Howitzer, the majority of magazines for the weapons has a new texture, most of the enemies have a new texture, Soul Drudge have a new way to attack, Shikari are now faster and have a new way to attack from the air, new explosion textures, new animation for the Orb, new Innocents textures, Hell Hands have a new texture, the Life Leech has a new texture with the inscription "666", new menus and loading screens, and a new skin for the Bone Leeches.

FX Enhancer[edit]

FX Enhancer is a Blood II: The Chosen modification that changes various aspects of the game. While it does not add any new levels or textures, it aims to improve the gameplay of the original retail game. Like The Festival of Blood, FX Enhancer hopes to make Blood II more similar to the original Blood. However, instead of focusing on stylistic and theme differences, FX Enhancer focuses on gameplay and game attributes. There are several changes to the games weapons, sound effects, enemy intelligence, character attributes, menu music, cheat codes, interface and other elements of Blood II. The modification was created by Jonathan "Tren" Trengrove.

Links: Official website, Mod DB

Extra Crispy[edit]

Main Article: Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy is a recent modification, originally released in 2011 but has received updates as recently as January 2012, that expands upon the work started in FX Enhancer. It was initially released on June 22, 2011 by John "VGames" Carrizales, who has also made many similar tweak mods for several other older game titles. Alongside the changes made by the modification it is based on, Extra Crispy has also introduced various new tweaks that can affect everything to the effectiveness of certain weapons and characters to introducing new artificial intelligence routines for some of the enemies. In addition, the Extra Crispy Enhancer Pack provides a new texture pack that contains sharpened map textures, new menu graphics, and expanded skins for all models as well as some new sound effects.

Loose Mods[edit]


Gods 2[edit]

Gods 2

The intended sequel to the Gods, the Epic Trilogy for Blood by Joel and Kurt Blackwell (aka Reactor and Headhunter), last reported as active on March 18, 2000.

Link:, Planet Blood interview


"Maim is basically a commercial add-on, for free. Maim will feature new enemies, a new boss, new weapons, as well as all new maps. Maim will feature some things that stick out. Ex: dynamic-like story. Play as all four of the chosen, each with their own levels, and cut-scenes. The story will vary depending on which character you choose, when you choose him/her."
--Official description

Single-player focused project ran by Jerk, Andy "Guzz" Guillaume and others operating as Illusions Software and hosted by The Blood Shack. It was to be set after the collapse of the Cabal following Blood II and the power struggles that followed. The campaign was to be played as any of the Chosen, each with their own levels and objectives. It was to feature new weapons, with new models, some new enemies as well as redone enemies, and all new AI; with at least one gothic level ala the original Blood. Switching the effort over to LithTech 1.5 was also seriously considered. The mod remains largely undocumented online since the project site ( remains inaccessible, and the mod's creators feared spoilers.

Link: Interview with Jerk

Mandatory Suicide[edit]

Mandatory Suicide

A modification where you take the role of Caleb's little known twin brother Carl, who is in deep envy of his brother's immortality and adventures. Until one day he decides to have an insane adventure of his own, planning to top it off with a jump off a tall building. Some of the development mod files are released on its website. These include one urban level, with several unique areas, such as many jumping puzzles involving crates, a MacDonalds fast food restaurant (complete with deep fat firers) and a bedroom apartment including a computer playing Doom II (complete with sound effects). There are a few notable new models, such as a police car, a new civilian skin with a red shirt, a skateboard ramp, ketchup bottles, soda cans, pencils, papers, movie posters for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Reservoir Dogs, and a tweak to the Sawed-Off Shotgun to make it silver (there are also a few changes made to the bottom bar). The project started out with Rog3D, more of a modeler, who later recruited others to help him in areas of mapping. It was being developed by Roger (Rog3d), Chris Chitaroni, and MailMan.


Blood II: DarkAct[edit]

This modification was never completed, but there are some files available for download on the mods website. Like FX Enhancer, it changes many different parts of the game-play of Blood II. These include relatively minor changes, such as allowing the akimbo shotgun to fire all four barrels and increasing the power of some weapons, to more major changes such as the inclusion of the authors "Limbloss" modification (a completion of work done by Monolith that allows the decapitation and dismemberment of victims, almost as an early version of what would later be known as "gore zones") and the reprogramming of Soul Drudges to make them act more like Axe Zombies. The mod was created by Andy "Guzz" Guillaume.

Links: Official website, ModDB

Blood II: Resurrection

Blood II: Resurrection[edit]

Blood II: Resurrection was a modification project that aimed to create "a complete overhaul and re-visualization of Blood 2 and the Blood universe" by supplying a "brand new storyline" that sought "to correct many of Blood 2's mistakes." It was worked on by Kurt Fhur with a soundtrack being composed by Nicola "Neurological" Capecci, and was first formally started in November 2007 (with work stretching back all the way to 2001) and was in public development, with many released screamshots and a couple of videos, until November 2011 when Fhur stopped updating the blog regularly, although still insisting that development was continuing in private. The last post on the blog dates to November 28, 2012, with the last post on The Postmortem forums on September 22, 2013 where he announced that B2R was on hiatus. The official website came down in 2015 and Mod DB has declared the mod archived. He also experimented with LithTech Jupiter and the Unreal Development Kit.

Website:, Updates blog, Mod DB entry, Photo Bucket

Threads: Postmortem thread, Transfusion Forums thread, Soundtrack Transfusion thread

Videos: Soundtrack, KurtFuhr's Channel, DOOMLancelot's Channel

A previous mod titled Blood 2: Resurrection was also in production back in 1999 by Phalanx Software (also attempted developer of the Leuk Bot self-teaching AI system for LithTech 1.0) hosted by The Blood Shack. It shared several ambitions in common with Fhur's later project. As with MAIM, its website ( is no longer accessible from either the live web or Internet Archive. Contributors included Dell Revenant and Jonathan "Tren" Trengrove of FX Enhancer.

"Frick ya! This MOD for Blood 2 has one object in mind, making Blood 2 all it can be with your suggestions and various additions into Blood 2, straight from Blood. Headed by a whole slew of master Bloodites it's going to be B I G."
--Official description

Link: A few words from Dell Revenant, former team leader of Resurrection

Mods on Other Engines[edit]

id Tech[edit]


  • Transfusion is a Dark Places engine based game that is aiming at recreating Blood in a modern, true 3D, and free software engine.

Links: Google Code, Find Best Open Source

  • Dead Reckoning, by icecoldduke, creator of WinBlood, attempted porting Blood assets onto id Tech 3.

Links:, Postmortem Thread, YouTube Channel

Download on: Planet Quake or Strategy Informer

Link: Poisonville (Archive), Kingpin Forever (defunct), PV.NET Archives


  • Standalone remake of a Blood map for Doom.
Horror 3D
  • Blood TC is a Doom modification (WAD) with Blood levels, enemies, items, weapons, and graphics for the Doom engine.
  • ZBlood is a ZDoom modification (WAD) with Blood levels, enemies, items, weapons, and graphics for the ZDoom engine.
  • Various members of the ZDoom forums have produced sprites based on the ones seen in Blood.
  • Extra Crispy was a project to try and create more accurate ports of the Blood weapons to ZDoom.


  • A project was worked on to create a prequel to Blood using the ZDoom engine.

Links: Download, ZDoom thread, Postmortem thread

  • Another project aims at recreating the look of Blood in its original "Horror3D" incarnation.

Link: Website, ZDoom thread, YouTube video


  • The original EDuke was created by Blood project manager Matt Saettler.
  • BloodCM: a project to create a Blood total conversion for EDuke32 by M210.
  • Cradle to Grave: (or C2G) was another project to add Blood enemies, objects, and styles to EDuke32 by Daedalus, Dimebog, Daedolon and others from The Postmortem.

Links: ModDB, Postmortem thread,3D Realms thread 1, 3D Realms thread 2, Alpha video, Weapons test video

Unreal Engine[edit]

Caleb model for Killing Floor
Caleb built in the UDK
Student re-imagining project

Link: Levels 4 You

  • There have also been voice packs made of the four Chosen for both UT2004 and the original Unreal Tournament.

Link: Caleb voicepack for UT2004 hosted by, Caleb voice pack for the original Unreal Tournament

Link: Caleb Playermodel on the Steam Workshop

  • On August 31, 2013 some significant work on making Blood content with the Unreal Development Kit was unveiled by Ulfen125.

Link: Postmortem Thread, Weapons Video, Player Animations Video, Similar Proposal

  • A student project "re-imagines" Blood as an isometric third-person shooter atop of Unreal Engine 4 focusing on twin-stick dynamite usage.

Link: ModDB, Transfusion Forums thread, Postmortem thread, Article

Source Engine[edit]

Cradle to Grave Source

Link: ModDB, Postmortem thread (related thread), Transfusion Forums thread, Forum thread, Similar project



jMonkeyEngine conversion

Link: SoureForge.Net project

  • Blood GNOME Robots 2: a Blood themed graphics and sounds modification for the GNOME version of Robots created by User:Gideon.

Link: Download, Screamshot, Transfusion Forums

  • The beginning outlines of the game logic for a Blood text adventure game was drafted by scar3crow.


  • Work has been done towards making Blood content, most notably a Caleb model, for Cube.

Link: Transfusion Forums, Postmortem Forums

  • There was at one point a project to make a total conversion for Serious Sam based on the multiplayer of Blood.

Link: Seriously! Forums (defunct), Website for an unfinished conversion of BB6: Twin Fortress

  • Cultist models and other assets were attempted upon Ken Silverman's VoxLap engine.


  • Blood concepts have been tried on OpenRPG.

Link: Transfusion Forums


  • On February 18, 2014 some work on making Blood content for the Unity game engine was unveiled by Augusts96.

Link: Postmortem thread, Video of separate effort with imitation voxels, Similar project

Link: Project page, YouTube video, Download

  • A visualizer for Blood maps written in WebGL was created by KLIMaka.

Link: Example, Postmortem thread

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