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This article contains the complete credits for all of the games in the Blood series.


"Thanks to the Blood team--I am not picking a specific person or persons to thank in this text file, but I do want to personally thank the entire Blood team for all of their incredible work. You have all been true to the Monolith spirit of 'I-will-work-my-ass-off-until-it-is-the-best-damn-product-ever.' All of your fellow 'Lithers' think that you are awesome (we are playing Blood all the time) and we are proud that you are part of the collective effort that IS Monolith. I am sure that the gaming world will appreciate you and your efforts as well."Jason Hall, MONOLITH.TXT on the Blood CD-ROM

CD-Audio Credits:

  1. [Data Track]
  2. Pestis Cruento by Daniel Bernstein
  3. Unholy Voices by Daniel Bernstein
  4. Dark Carnival by Daniel Bernstein
  5. Infuscomus by Guy Whitmore & Daniel Bernstein
  6. Father Time by Daniel Bernstein
  7. Waiting for the End by Daniel Bernstein
  8. Fate of the Damned by Mike Cody & Daniel Bernstein
  9. Double, Double, Toil and Trouble by Guy Whitmore & Daniel Bernstein

John Anderson (aka Dr. Sleep) worked on Blood early on, but was not credited.

Cryptic Passage[edit]

Created by Sunstorm Interactive.

  • Project Producer: Anthony Campiti
  • Project Director: Robert Travis
  • Project Coordination: Charlie Wiederhold
  • Programmer: Charlie Wiederhold
  • Artwork: Michael Beaulieu, Paul Jury, David Manuel, Shawn Swift
  • Lead Level Design: Robert Travis
  • Level Design: Michael Beaulieu, Bill Buchalter, Jeff Cleveland, Tyler Larson, Shawn Swift, Charlie Wiederhold

Plasma Pak[edit]

Blood II: The Chosen[edit]

Thank you to all the friends and families of those so deeply involved in this title. You've been neglected over the past months, and your endless support is greatly appreciated.

Monolith Rulez...

Most of all, we'd like to thank our fans. There's more Blood-universe gaming coming soon folks! Enjoy.


"No one who is employed by Monolith (or has EVER been employed by Monolith) wrote ANY of the text you see in the "Credits" section of Blood 2. I personally had no idea that the [debit] text was even in the final game until after Geoff contacted me about it (via e-mail) Heck, I barely had any idea as to who that Geoff person was... I have no idea what the interaction has been between Geoff and GT since then. I'm sure that they are working it out. We have already made a version of Blood 2 that doesn't have that text in there and sent it off to GT - so the original Blood 2 disc may be considered a 'collectors item' to some people."Jason Hall

The controversial debits text removed in later versions of the game following the issuing of an apology by GT Interactive CEO Ron Chaimowitz:

"In our very creative industry, sometimes people get a bit too creative. The 'debits' section in Blood II is an unfortunate case in point. As I explained, an individual, acting without express authorization from anyone else at GT, took inappropriate creative liberties and used [Geoff Keighley's] name in the context of what he thought was a joke. I do not condone this type of conduct and also fail to see the humor in it. I value the relationship GT Interactive has with you and the editorial community and hope this incident does not interfere with that relationship. A patch that eliminates the noted 'debits' section will be posted on the Internet in the next week. In addition, in our second run of Blood II, the 'debits' section will be removed. While this is an isolated incident, I am taking affirmative steps to see that this does not occur in the future. Please accept my sincere apologies for any embarrassment or problems this may have caused you, and let me know if you feel it is appropriate for me to take any further actions. You may also feel free to share my sentiments with your colleagues."Ron Chaimowitz

And now the debits

Geoff Keighley... whose transparently-beholden rants, while not even trying to appear neutral or evenhanded, kept us mildly amused. Very mildly.

A pair of senators (you know who you are) who continue to bash violence in games, and do nothing to deal with the actual causes of violence in America. Cheap and easy, eh? Hate to go up against the big, mean, PAC-monied groups, huh? Makes one wonder who's driving their bandwagon? Check their campaign funding to see. Interesting reading.

Companies who are terrified of losing their T1 and T3 money, and thus refuse to roll out ADSL. Cheaper, faster, internet-play for the gamer. Scary!

The mass of developers whose target market is the dollar, not the gamer. Sad that they can't realize that supporting the gaming community is returned in spades. Dollars follow content. How hard is that?!?

The penny-ante, weasling scum sucking, cretins who pirate games, and then claim that costs are the reason. Those who steal code cost gamers money. You pay for their games. They steal from you. Finish them!

The Anger

The Tears

The Trauma

P.S. Have a problem with the violence in our game? Please buy and burn as many copies as you wish. Volume discounts are available.

Monolith Still Rulez!!...

Blood II: The Nightmare Levels[edit]


45 people worked on both Blood II and Shogo, and 26 people on the Blood II team worked on Gruntz and Get Medieval while 24 worked on Claw. 17 people worked on both Blood and Blood II, and 36 people worked on both Blood II and The Nightmare Levels. Following the end of the Blood series, the slowly diminishing Blood II team (10+) at Monolith worked on:

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