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Welcome to the Blood Wiki

Geropayati quodpipax durbentia

Welcome to the Blood Wiki, a wiki devoted to the game Blood, its sequel Blood II: The Chosen, and their respective expansion packs. Also available is information on the various add-ons, fan projects and the fictional world in which Caleb and the others live in. For more information please read our "Questions and Answers". Please enjoy, but a warning to anyone who tries to vandalize this site: Hatanoceo pretaanluxix!
--Tchernobog, dark god and moderator.

There are currently 121 articles and 1,336 images on the Blood Wiki.

The Blood Wiki is the home of the largest collection of Blood fan fiction ever written, including the epic Tome of Blood and the long awaited Blood 2: The Unforgiven!

Blood fan artwork lives again on the Blood Wiki!

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All text is under the GNU Free Documentation License except for those designated with trademarks. This is a Canadian English language wiki.


Blood Wiki News

Gideon 07:07, 7 September 2014 (UTC): I just corrected the copyright tagging on just about every image on this wiki, as can be shown by Category:Fair Use Images. Yes, I just went over 1000 images this evening, thank you very much! So please everybody keep in mind tags like Template:Fair Use in your future uploads and spare me the future headache! Gideon 07:07, 7 September 2014 (UTC)

Tchernobog 01:58, 25 July 2014 (UTC): So apparently on the 14th of July both One Unit: Whole Blood and Blood II: The Chosen along with The Nightmare Levels were put up for sale on Valve Software's Steam service. Whether or not these differ at all from the releases already available from is not known to me, but for those who actually would be interested in such an offer the games can be found here and here.

Tchernobog 17:14, 12 May 2014 (UTC): A new German independent film has recently come to my attention called FPS - First Person Shooter which stars the voice of Stephan Weyte as the protagonist. They are currently looking for distributors and premièring the film at festivals.

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Blood: Blood (Cryptic Passage, Plasma Pak), Blood Alpha, BloodBath

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Cabal: Tchernobog, Gideon, Cheogh, Shial, Cerberus, CabalCo, Cultist Language, Ranks of the Cabal

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Official Games

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Blood II: The Chosen Screamshot The Nightmare Levels Screamshot

Fan Made Games

Transfusion Screamshot Blood TC Screamshot ZBlood Screamshot The Flesh Game Screamshot Q3 BloodBath ScreamshotBlood Reborn ScreamshotBloodbath 2D

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