C1L11: The Cathedral

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The Cathedral

C1L11: The Cathedral is the eleventh level in the game Blood II: The Chosen (map name: 07_cathedral). It resembles an old Catholic cathedral that is breaking apart or under construction. In the basement, Caleb meets the first boss of the game.

Loading Screen Text[edit]

Level 11: The Cathedral

You won't find any nuns in this cathedral! The resident lurker-from-beyond has warped this place into something more to its liking. You might actually find it habitable yourself, if it was up for sale (at a reasonable price), and didn't come with those annoying Cabal doormen. Ah, well. It's time to clean this place out and find out where Gideon's gone. Maybe you'll find time to get a lovely stone rubbing for that empty wall in your walk-in gun-closet while you're at it.


Caleb descends into the basement where a giant portal opens up. The Naga enters the room and Caleb defeats it. Moments later, the back wall explodes, and Gabriella stands there on the adjacent train tracks.

GABRIELLA: Someone's got to hold de train. Dese tings are everywhere out dere. The Cabal must be pretty desperate to be creatin' such creatures.
CALEB: These aren't Cabal.
GABRIELLA: Den what are dey?
CALEB: Hell if I know. What do you care? You don't seem to be havin' any problems with them.
GABRIELLA: I don' have problems. I solve them.
CALEB: What's that supposed to mean?
GABRIELLA: I'm not sure I can count on you anymore. This is becomin' a bad situation. If you can't solve it, I will.
CALEB: I will... solve it.

Enemies Present[edit]

Weapons present[edit]


Fun Stuff[edit]

  • The Blood II REZ file contains an alternate version of the end dialogue between Gabriella and Caleb.
    • GABRIELLA: Huh, dese tings are everywhere. Cabal must be pretty desperate to be creatin' such creatures.
      CALEB: These aren't Cabal.
      GABRIELLA: Den what are dey?
      CALEB: Something else.
      GABRIELLA: What are you doin'?
      CALEB: I've got a train to catch, see ya around.
      GABRIELLA: Don't worry little man. We'll meet again.
  • The Blood II REZ file also contains an ending narration by Gideon that was cut from the final game.
    • GIDEON: None of us knew what the rifts were or where they came from. But we all saw them as the same thing – power. A way for us to destroy each other more efficiently. All we needed was the proper artifact to control it – the channeling knife. An ancient artifact of the Cabal, it lay broken in two pieces somewhere in Old Town, and the Cabal was determined to find it first.
  • This level is the setting for the fan fiction piece Duelling on the Edge.

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